Information Technology Reform Update: DOL Implementation on Ease of Doing Business 2021

Today, I was attending the E-conference with the World Bank and Office of the Public Sector Development Commission. The conference conducted internationally, calling from the US and Malaysia. It was concerning the measures of Department of Lands on Ease of Doing Business and IT Reform update.

Department of Lands (DOL) has put a great effort to enhance the level of ease of doing business in Thailand. Improving our services delivery, DOL never stop developing information technology and digital platform. Consequently, we have announced the 6 policies followed to make a great services for customer namely

1. Cancellation of Requesting for Certified Copies

DOL has the MOU on the linkage of electronic system with Department of Business Development , Ministry of Commerce for the documents regarding the registration of company. Also, the big database of Thai citizens including ID card data, household registration, marriage certification and so on is linked to DOL’s system. As a result, we cancel the request of any certified copies by using the electronic data online. The system is linked to all land offices throughout the country.

2. Overlaying land use date (Zoning Layer)

The data of land utilization (Zoning Layer) and city plan in all area over 77 provinces throughout the country is overlaid by connecting data from Bangkok and Department of Public Works and Town and country Planing. This could facilitate people to be able to search land parcel information, location, surrounding area by street view and other information such as street view. The program is called Landsmaps.

3. Expense calculation service for registering property

DOL provides online service for people to calculate expense when purchasing or registering property. This can help people to calculate all expenses including Tax Stamp duty, register charges and local tax correctly.

4. Building Transparency by revealing information

DOL has emphasized on the importance of transparency and measure to compensate the damage. We publicize statistic data of dispute case occurring in court and information and procedures under liability for Wrongful Act of officials Act. Also, DOL launched Land Office Announcement publicity system online under name e-Lands Announcement. People can search for all announcements from all over land offices throughout the country (463 branches).

5. Increasing contact channels for customers to access more easily (Line Official Account: @teedin)

DOL creates various channels to contact with customers easily and promptly reply. Moreover, I have opened official Facebook Page : Nisit Jansomwong Director-General of Department of Lands to communicate and publicize policies to the public as well as to gain recommendation, idea, knowledge and information from other sectors to help build creative and useful projects.
These are all policies and projects I have shown to the World Bank and Office of the Public Sector Development Commission in the e-conference today.