Introduction What is EODB?

The Doing Business Ranking was first compiled by the World Bank in 2003. The Ease of Doing Business is an index that identifies the environment used in the business cycle from inception to completion. business closure The Ease of Doing Business Ranking is used not only to identify the difficulty and ease of doing business in a particular country, but also to be used as a benchmark for selecting investment countries for businessmen. and used to improve the defects in various areas related to the order of difficulty - ease of doing business as well For Thailand, the World Bank first came to study the difficulty-ease of doing business in 2005, where for the first time, Thailand was ranked 20th out of 145 countries, and in 2020, Thailand was ranked 3rd in ASEAN and 21st out of 190 countries

Doing Business ranking

  • The World Bank has studied the difficulty-ease of doing business in countries around the world and consistently ranks them every year.
  • The World Bank will assess the procedures, timing, costs and relevant regulations. It is presented in the form of scores (Doing Business score) and country rankings.
  • Reform is the key to upgrading the Doing Business, which if the government can create a reform. will be able to facilitate business operations Stimulate business innovation, reduce poverty, increase national income per capita. and increase employment