What is Ease of Doing Business?

Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) or report difficulty in doing business. Is a study report of ranking of the difficulty of doing business in countries around the world Prepared by World Bank (World Bank) by studying the process and duration of service. Facilitation Costs, expenses, laws, government regulations that support or hinder business operations. There are 10 aspects of this indicator, which will cover the fundamentals of the business cycle from the beginning of business establishment until the closure of the business. Can learn more at https://www.doingbusiness.org/en/doingbusiness

How is Ease of Doing Business important to us?

Doing Business research is important for economic growth. And the competitiveness of each country Since foreign investors will use it as information for making investment decisions in various countries, which
A country with easy business operations and regulations that are conducive to investment can be considered an attractive country to invest. It also shows the efficiency of the government. And allows the government to see ways to improve work processes or regulations To be clearly effective As well as bringing examples of other countries That has a good system used as a case study to improve it